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Masterbatch Manufacturers in Turkey

Masterbatch producers in Turkey have started to attract the attention of foreign producers more each day. The usage areas in the industrial area are quite wide. Plastics are produced according to the area and usage type. The materials used to bring the produced plastic to the desired color and feature are called Masterbatch (MB). It would not be wrong to call it a plastic additive.

Masterbatch additive has an active role in obtaining the desired properties of the final product produced. Masterbatch manufacturers in Turkey are exporting widely, especially to the Middle East, Balkan Countries and Russia.

How is masterbatch manufactured?

The masterbatch product is manufactured in granules. It is aimed to reach the final product by adding the product produced as granules to the substance in powder or granule form. As mentioned above, the intended use of the masterbatch product may vary. It can be used to color, add or fill the final plastic product.

Other areas of use of the masterbatch additive can be polyethylene, polystyrene, EVA, thermoplastic materials or engineering plastics. Even if it is necessary to give the net production details of the masterbatch; It is produced by adding polymer raw materials together with organic and inorganic pigments with very high performance. It can be produced with different components depending on the usage areas.    

Advantage of Using Masterbatch Additive

Masterbatch additive comes to the fore in the plastics industry. This has great benefits for producers. The most striking advantage is that the producer factory has the opportunity to purchase natural polymers at a much more affordable price. To include in which areas it is used more frequently by the manufacturers;

• In blown film and lamination production

• In PP raffia/Yarn production

• In PP non-woven fabric productions

• In the inflation process

• In the injection molding process

• In the production of thermoformed sheets

• In HDPE/PP pipe extrusion process

• It can be used in polyester and nylon yarn productions.

For more information:

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