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Filler Masterbatch

Filler Masterbatch manufacturing (CaCO3 (CALCITE) FILLED POLYETHYLENE MASTERBATCH) first of all, the word masterbatch means master mix. These products, known as filled materials used in plastic production, mean the paint in granules added to the raw material during melting. Filler masterbatch can be of different colors. Many products such as filler masterbatches, sacks and heavy duty bags, greenhouse threads, industrial fabrics, sacks, potato and onion sacks can be dyed. Filler masterbatches, as well as durable consumer goods, white goods and brown items are painted easily and practically. Filling masterbatch manufacturing the plastic parts of all electronic products that you can think of are painted with these products and it is aimed to give it a stylish appearance.

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Filler Masterbatch manufacturing polyethylene is the most used plastic material in daily life. It is preferred because of its low cost, heat resistance from -40C to + 130C, chemical and moisture resistance, compatibility with food contact and recyclability. It improves injection productivity and improves the physical features of films and molds. Filler masterbatch manufacturer İlhan Plastik, it is used in the prduction of products such as PE bags, PE industrial film, pipe, case nylon bags, greenhouse cover, kitchenware.

Filler masterbatch, CaCO3 Filler Master Batch are actually a material with a very wide use network. Painting of bottles, jars, sacks, electrical materials and any products you can think of is possible with these products. In the automotive industry, multi-purpose paints applied in the bumpers of vehicles are frequently encountered in daily life. As İlhan Plastik, we work within the framework of a fast and smooth service network in order to meet your needs correctly. Ilhan Plastik, which can be used in every sector and offers the best solution for all the products you need, aims at a much more effective use by mixing the products with the right raw material. You can get the right product by contacting us immediately to find the right product for your needs. Filler masterbatch manufacturer Ilhan Plastik.