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About Us

Masterbatch manufacturer İlhan Plastik was established in 1997 in Adana Organized Industrial Site on a total area of 5000 m2 including 4000 m2 closed and 1000 m2 open area. At that time, it was established to produce PVC + PS sheets, masterbatch manufacturing and disposable products.

In 2010, as a result of P & D studies and management's decision, it added a filler compound product line to it's production facility and started to produce fillers and additives for plastic.

In 2013 the production capacity was increased 50% to meet the demands received. Domestic and international sales points increased at the same rate.

In 2017, once again, the investment was made with the same reason and production capacity was increased by 35% and today it has become 15.000 tons/year.

The amount of polymer and fillers used can be adjusted according to customer requirements and industry expectations. With this resilience in the production, Ilhan Plastic has become one of the major players in this sector in Turkey.

Due to its location, İlhan Plastik has the advantage of easy access to air, sea, road and rail transportation. This reduction reduces the cost of the product and the reduced cost is reflected in our customers as the quality/price performance they are satisfied with. Low cost, maintained standard during production and production according to sector needs are the reasons for our products to be preferred.

Since its establishment, it has provided high satisfaction to its customers with its professionalism and quality understanding and increased its sales points every year. The primary objective of İlhan Plastik is to maintain its constant relations with its customers and suppliers based on years, to adapt to the time with the management approach that believes in the team spirit and to serve its customers for long years with the products it has developed.

Our company gives importance to R & D activities due to the development needs of the sector. The innovation activities carried out in our laboratories are consistently continuing for the new and current products in our product range.

Our Philosophy

As İlhan Plastik, reliability has been one of the most important issues since our establishment. Reliability is built on the values of mutual trust, honesty and business ethics with all of our business partners inside and outside of the company. We are a company focused on developing and growing. The values that represent İlhan Plastik are, creating value for our customers and the sector by planning and implementing innovations. Thanks to these values and philosophy, we are able to proceed beyond a family business and take part in the international platform with success.

We aim to create a work environment to ensure that all our employees feel themselves an important part of this company and that they see their future with the future of the company. Our goal is to be a reliable solution partner for both suppliers and customers. Our main motivation is not only to improve our business but also to carry out activities that can provide added value to our sector.