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White Masterbatch

White Masterbatch manufacturing, It is used in the production of white goods and household appliances, pipes and fittings, electrical electronics, PVC, cable, packaging products, and disposable materials. It provides effective whitening. The concentration ratio is important. White masterbatch production resistance against heat and UV is also very important. İlhan Plastik, producing white masterbatch; It is produced as a white masterbatch granule, which is suitable for industrial engineering polymers thanks to its advanced opacity and gloss and its resistance to high temperatures. The white masterbatch is a titanium dioxide (TIO2) concentration. White Masterbatch manufacturers, plastic additive white masterbatch improves the physical and chemical properties of plastic products, increases the mechanical strength of the products, prolongs its service life. White plastic granule has a masterbatch appearance and increases the heat, light and air resistance of the plastic.

beyaz masterbatch imalatı beyaz masterbatch imalatı

White Masterbatch manufacturer İlhan Plastik, it is added with the processed polymer to add much more whiteness to the final product. White masterbatch manufacturing additives are the products that give the plastic the basic color desired. The plastic produced with white masterbatch products is intended to be suitable for the area to be used and to look aesthetically stylish. White masterbatch manufacturing, known as additive, are the products that give the plastic the basic color to be manufactured. Thanks to this product, it is aimed to give the plastic a basic color in the melting process. White masterbatches are used to add more whiteness to the final product. It is now possible to obtain much more effective results with this product. Especially, it is possible to reach more vivid and much brighter colors with white masterbatch.

Many products can be painted with white masterbatch. At the very beginning of these, durable consumer goods, white goods, bottles, drums, barrels, electrical materials, sacks, automotive products, carriers, food bags, pipes connection tools, cables and other equipment, many products you can think of are easily painted with white masterbatches. gaining a form. White masterbatch, which is an important element for the plastic production stage, is an important element for easy access to the color you need. As İlhan Plastik, we analyze your needs correctly and process according to your needs. Call us to get a fast and trouble free product.