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Masterbatch manufacturer İlhan Plastik, masterbatches mean concentrated products in the form of granules which are included in the plastic raw material, during the melt forming stage.

Masterbatches are added to many different plastic products during the production stage to increase production performance. Masterbatch manufacturing besides, it improves the aesthetic, mechanical, thermal or fireproof features of the product. Masterbatches produces by us, to reduce costs are listed as follows.

Filler Masterbatch

Filler Masterbatch manufacturing (CaCO3 (CALCITE) FILLED POLYETHYLENE MASTERBATCH) first of all, the word masterbatch means master mix. These products, known as filled materials used in plastic production, mean the paint in granules added to the raw material during melting. Filler masterbatch can be of different colors. Many products such as filler masterbatches, sacks and heavy duty bags, greenhouse threads, industrial fabrics, sacks, potato ...


Additive Masterbatch

Additive masterbatch manufacturing, the physical and chemical structures of polymers may change during production and usage due to heat, UV, and chemicals. They are protected against this change by adding heat-UV stabilizers and additives such as antioxidants, fireproof, glass fiber, heat stabilizer, internal and external lubricants during production. In addition to color and preservation, the additives provide more aesthetic appearance and a reduction ...


White Masterbatch

White Masterbatch manufacturing, It is used in the production of white goods and household appliances, pipes and fittings, electrical electronics, PVC, cable, packaging products, and disposable materials. It provides effective whitening. The concentration ratio is important. White masterbatch production resistance against heat and UV is also very important. İlhan Plastik, producing white masterbatch; It is produced as a white mast...